Status update

As the HPC Advisory Council released the list of competitors we are now officially accepted!

For the last few weeks we were very busy testing and tuning our first test system consisting of two nodes. The results are very promising and we are very optimistic concerning the outcome of the competition. We are currently planing a second test setup to explore new options and weed out the weak points we recognized in our current system.
Sadly we still didn’t get a chance to get our hands on either a Xeon Phi nor a NVidia Kepler, but we are definitely working on it.

For now our main pursuit is to get out a press releases and find more sponsors.

The competitors have been announced!

In June 2013 we are going to compete against teams of the following universities:

  • National Tsing Hua University
  • EPCC, The University of Edinburgh
  • CHPC (Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa)
  • Chemnitz University of Technology
  • University of Colorado
  • Costa Rica Institute of Technology
  • 2 teams from China – TBA

NVidia announces something to play with

NVidia announced the K20 and K20X which will theoretically deliver 1.17TFlops/225W and 1.31TFlops/235W respectively. Intel Xeon Phi perform with only 1.01TFLops/225W but programs can be more easily adjusted to run on them.

Provided we manage to get our hands on both we’ll perform tests with both technologies because in the end what matters for us is the real performance we can get out of 3000W not the theoretical maximal performance per card.

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ISC’13 team

Motivated by the success of last year’s team, we founded a new one to compete at the ISC’13. We have been working since the middle of October and finally this week our application got accepted!

We’ll cooperate very closely with Christmann informationstechnik + medien GmbH & Co. KG again and have already a test system running which consists of two nodes. So far our test results are very promising.
Our next step is to experiment with accelerator cards and to acquire sponsors.

The website of last years team can still be found at:


Our first test system from Christman


One node opened up (sideview)