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With the SCC’s “Final Architecture Deadline” coming up on 30th of April, we just finished our evaluation period. Now we can get back to what the contest really is about: building an efficient and competitive high performance computer.

After months of testing different pieces of computing hardware, we just made a big step towards the ISC’13. CPUs, (GP)GPUs, a MIC Co-processor Card, RAM and mainboards – we have seen them all. They came, they have been tested and – most of them – have been dismissed.

But, finally, a decision has been made! We just figured out how our kluster is going to look like. This means we do not yet actually know how it is going to look like*, but we know what its future inner values are going to be. Our next task is to get our hands on the needed hardware. On plenty of hardware.

This is where you come in: To be able to build our cluster we need your support! Your company is working on or with HPC hardware? You are using Software that requires powerful parallel computing resources? You just want to support a project of young students because its a kind of cool? We would be happy to reckon you among our supporters!

If you or your company are interested in supporting us, please send an email to our team leader. You will find a mail form below this post.

Of course, your Name or company logo will be presented at our booth at the ICS’13 and on our Internet blog.

* Final decisions on this have not been made yet but let me ensure you: We have a plan and its gonna be legendary 😉


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